...true love can not pretend
CW's Reign: Francis/Mary

I would rather have hope with you than certainty anywhere else.

7 Days of Frary | Day 7 : My Frary Jukebox, Part I (Free Choice)


Yeah, yeah. I’m, like, two days late. I shall blame it on the holiday weekend. :)

We all know that Reign has an amazing soundtrack, and that some of those songs that have played during Francis and Mary’s scenes can practically kill you with feels. Hell, it’s been nearly three weeks since “Long Live the King” and I’m still listening to Josh Jenkins’ “I Still Love You” at least twice a day.

But when I’m writing those hella long reviews (and I haven’t forgotten about 1x22, my loves!) or entertaining a brief foray into the world of fanfic, I need a ton of songs to keep me going, which means I’ve had to supplement those playlists with other music. Since we’ve got a long wait until season 2 kicks off, I thought I might as well share some of it with you.

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7 Days of Frary | Bonus Day - Why do you ship Frary?

You mean besides the fact that Adelaide and Toby will set your screens on fire?


Upon Francis’s death, the real Mary, Queen of Scots, took quill in hand and poured out her grief in lines of poetry that continue to survive more than 400 years after the heart that mourned him ceased its beating. You can’t read them and not be moved. You can’t read them and not know that they were written by a woman utterly bereft—a woman who, even as she dressed for her second marriage more than four years later, refused to cast off her widow’s weeds, who for the rest of her life used their entwined initials as an official monogram, and who, on the night before her execution, dispersed her few remaining physical possessions among the handful servants who had stayed with her to the end, bestowing upon Elizabeth Curle, one of the two favored ladies-in-waiting permitted to accompany her to the scaffold, a set of miniatures painted on gold and enamel tablets of herself, James, and Francis. Mary, her only child, and—as far as she was concerned—her only husband.

Her family.

As much as the storylines on Reign sometimes frustrate me, I don’t ever question that Mary and Francis love one another with all of their hearts…

…because they did.

So the question of why I ship Frary is an easy one to answer.

There is no other ship.

mary and francis + tv tropes [insp. by]

dreamingofstargates inquired:
I love the quotes you have. I just wanted you to know that you (and your quotes) have made me start to notice other quotes, too. Yesterday I was watching Pretty Little Liars with the girl I- erm, teenyboppersit? Anyway This made me think of your quotes: "I loved her against reason. Against promise. Against peace. Against hope, against happiness. Against all discouragement that could be." Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


That quote is

and so are you for sharing it. :)

Thank you so much for sending it my way!


I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations



FRARY feat. "Belle"
from the french musical Notre-Dame de Paris (x)
"Beautiful", you'd think the word was invented for her
When she dances, revealing her body
Like a bird spreading its wings ready to fly
Then I feel Hell opening under my feet
My gaze has fallen under her gypsy's dress
And it's no use to pray this prayers to Notre-Dame
Who will cast the first stone against her?
He doesn't deserve to live
Oh Lucifer! Oh! Let me, just once,
Run my fingers through Esmeralda's Mary's hair...


because I love you; a frary mix tape


 01. landfill by daughter// 02.sleep alone by two door cinema up// 03. I know you care by ellie goulding// 04.happening by olivia broadfield // 05.feel again by one republic // 06. love by daughter// 07 first fire (ft. grey reverend) by bonobo// 08.a world alone by lorde// 09.she (for liz) by parachute // 10. the war by josh record// 11.explosions by ellie goulding// 12. say something (ft. christina aguilera) by a great big world// 13. tether by chvrches // 14. summertime sadness by lana del rey// 15. robbers by the 1975// 16. the beauty surrounds by houses// 17. all I want by kodaline.// 18. without you by lana del rey // 19. the draw by bastille// 20. silhouettes by of monsters and men // 21. lullabies (adventure club remix) by yuna// 22.silhouette (ft. ellie goulding) by active child // 23. haunt // bed by the 1975// 24.night sky by chvrches// 25. running if you call my name by haim // 26. you by the 1975 // 27.back to you by twin forks// 28. heavy by midnight cinemas// 29. tourist by yuna// 30. we sink by chvrches// 31. pull me down by mikky ekko


mary and francis + tv tropes [insp. by]


IS THE PULL SO STRONG? a frary fanmix; and if somebody hurts you, I wanna fight, but my hands been broken one too many times [listen]

i. your bones - of monsters and men | ii. another love - tom odell | iii. devil’s tears - angus & julia stone | iv. moth’s wings - passion pit | v. please don’t go - barcelona | vi. kiss me - jason walker | vii. flowers in your hair - the lumineers | viii. paper ships - dead man’s bones | ix. flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine